Monday, February 22, 2010

mount diablo out and back

little diablo from pleasant hill bart station.. northgate road to the summit and back down.. once we got back to the city we rode the embarcadero to the golden gate bridge and over to "larry's point" in marin.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alpine Dam Loop (east/west peak)

my friend had a little spill at the bottom of bofax near the dam on this one.. luckily he's ok and his bike was only minimally mangled.. a quick truing in fairfax was all it really needed. this ride was a pretty good reminder of why i hate holidays. i've decided to try to sleep through every holiday. weekdays early are where it's at.

a little problem again with the gps track. oh well.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tunitas creek/kings mountain

a nice little ride through the santa cruz mountains...   i found a less gnarly way to get down to pacifica/half moon bay.. ride up skyline blvd to westridge road where (right) and hop onto skyline DRIVE (parallel to skyline blvd).. it's a climb through a suburban neighborhood with some killer views of the mountains/pacific ocean.. then you take a left on crenshaw and a quick right onto polmetto and follow the bike signs from there (they eventually lead you back to cabrillo highway (1).. this avoids riding on the freeway completely!
then it was on down to tunitas creek road, a quick stop at the bike hut to fill up and i hammered up tunitas in 39 minutes up to skyline.. caught my breath and flew down the excellent descent down kings mountain road.. to get back to the city, you take a left on woodside rd, left on caƱada rd follow the signs to highway 35 (dont turn onto it, go straight for a minute and you find the san andreas bike path on the left). didn't take many pictures on this ride as i was racing the sun and didn't stop much.. that's what i get for leaving at 12:15pm in the winter.
tunitas creek road+kings mountain road=REDWOODS!
Created by My Tracks on Android.
Total Distance: 138.12 km (85.8 mi)
Total Time: 6:04:38
Moving Time: 5:22:37
Average Speed: 22.95 km/h (14.3 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 25.69 km/h (16.0 mi/h)
Max Speed: 64.80 km/h (40.3 mi/h)
Min Elevation: -30 m (-100 ft)
Max Elevation: 620 m (2033 ft)
Elevation Gain: 1983 m (6507 ft)
Max Grade: 20 %
Min Grade: -24 %
Recorded: Wed Feb 10 12:19:43 PDT 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

mount tamalpias out and back

superbowl sunday and suprisingly enough the mountain is packed.. that's what i get for riding late on a nice sunday. woke up early, discovered a problem with my new tyre so i rode around in the presidio until the shop opened up and then i swapped it out with a better one.
here's a picture of a very small south side waterfall.. i need to go back to the north side to get some more pictures of the huge ones.. stupid hard drive failure.. don't forget to back up now children!

Total Distance: 73.03 km (45.4 mi)
Total Time: 3:27:50
Moving Time: 2:55:35
Average Speed: 21.11 km/h (13.1 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 24.95 km/h (15.5 mi/h)
Max Speed: 61.20 km/h (38.0 mi/h)
Min Elevation: -33 m (-107 ft)
Max Elevation: 729 m (2393 ft)
Elevation Gain: 1748 m (5735 ft)
Max Grade: 45 %
Min Grade: -26 %
Recorded: Sun Feb 07 11:57:18 PDT 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

alpine dam loop cntrclkwse

alpine dam loop riding up to fairfax and then a left on bolinas fairfax road. never climbed tam this way. hell of a climb. stopped over at the western summit and i figured out that my new camera has a panoramic mode. pretty cool.

the stats for this track got a little messed up.. i think it's safe to say that my top speed was not 255 mph huh?.. anyway, it was about 60 miles, 6000 ft elevation gain. (if it's the same clockwise and counterclockwise.. it almost seems like more climbing this way, but maybe it's because bolinas ridge (7 sisters) roll into each other more going clockwise. either way, a SICK ride.)