Sunday, August 2, 2009

to dillon beach and valley ford in sonoma county on a rainy day

this was the longest ride i've done in a day. i was shooting for bodega bay and realized when i got home that i was only about five miles away from it. it was raining on and off all morning and finally started to clear up after samuel p. taylor park on the way home (tree pic).
i ended up taking dillon beach road (unaware of the insane climbing/bailing to be had) so i got to hang out on elephant rock (pictured) the other pictures are of highway one, and there's one that is from marshall or some other extremely small very old tomales bay town. i would stop under the shelter of buildings in each one as the rain was continuing as i progressed north.
i met quite a few friendly people on this ride.

this is durring the period of time that mytracks (the free GPS program made by google for the android OS) was quite glitchy. i lost plenty of tracks.. also durring this time the phone would display the stats but the gps files wouldn't have them.. the data presented is what i can make out of a blurry photo i took of the phone on it's stats page. i remember the miles and elevation gained to be correct, and most other stats you can make out. the only really fuzzy one is max elevation.

Total Distance: 134.45 mi
Total Time: 11:30:31
Moving Time: 7:51:47
Average Speed: 9.94 mi/h
Average Moving Speed: 14.56 mi/h
Max Speed: 64.80 km/h (40.3 mi/h)
Min Elevation: 123 ft
Max Elevation: 812 ft
Elevation Gain: 7260 ft
Max Grade: 19.6 %
Min Grade: -25.7 %
Recorded: Sun Aug 02 14:41:46 PDT 2009

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