Wednesday, September 30, 2009

little tiburon loop

little tibur. i have passed by this chunk of land for months and never done the loop until now. i'm still not sure what to think about it. it's pretty cool at times, almost like a fake-mountain road.. super windy, but where's the climb-ups/bail-downs? isn't this supposed to be bail-down land? we'll try it clockwise next time. otherwise, some nice views and the town of tiburon is a pretty cool marin style little town (although probably full of tourists) and paradise beach (photo) was nice too.

Created by My Tracks on Android.
Total Distance: 61.45 km (38.2 mi)
Total Time: 3:33:37
Moving Time: 2:30:01
Average Speed: 17.26 km/h (10.7 mi/h)
Average Moving Speed: 24.58 km/h (15.3 mi/h)
Max Speed: 63.90 km/h (39.7 mi/h)
Min Elevation: -38 m (-124 ft)
Max Elevation: 70 m (228 ft)
Elevation Gain: 511 m (1678 ft)
Max Grade: 8 %
Min Grade: -8 %
Recorded: Sat Sep 19 15:46:31 PDT 2009

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