Monday, May 10, 2010

35 to cabrillo highway (1) to montara beach

so we were on our way to go camping in big basin (near santa cruz in the mountains) when we ended up with a serious technical difficulty. we had used duct tape and shoelaces (excellent combo) to attach some bags/shoes/items to our bikes.. both of our bikes are light, fast, racing bikes.. pat's happens to be an all carbon madone 5.9 (due to trek's incredible warranty program) and he happened to fashion his shoes to the bike in a less than perfect way.. let's just say some screws were cut off, and the seat mask was ruined... anyway, we decided to get picked up (thanks änna) and spent the day glad that we broke down in such an awesome place (montara beach, just south of devil's slide on highway one).. after änna arrived, i had a woman offer to let us borrow her brand new car.. pretty nice.

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