Monday, March 8, 2010

Russian River to SF

epic ride. started raining on us in guerneville, then hailing on us on the sonoma coast, and back to some 35 mph winds over on tomales bay.. more hail on the climb out of olema and once we got to fairfax it picked up again with a little rain. more of the same on the golden gate bridge and we ended up having to do some commando style repairs in high winds at the very end of the ride.. those rollers on highway one are NO JOKE. as serious as the big worlds in super mario. was this ride real at all?
back to sam p. for some young redwood panoramics!

we decided to take highway 116 (river road) to shoreline highway (1) to get back to the city.. sonoma coast is quite nice from jenner to bodega bay.. but those highway one rollers?? what? this route was about 95 miles. now i'm having crazy flashbacks to those rollers. unreal.

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