Sunday, March 7, 2010

SF to Russian River (guerneville)

russian river!!
we took the "northern california route" (mostly bike route 5 marin) up to sir francis drake, and out to highway one from there. once we got to valley ford in sonoma, we took freestone valley ford road over to bohemian highway and rode (somehow all downhill) fourteen more miles to highway 116 (river road). took a right and rode into guerneville. from here we went to armstrong redwoods and on to austin creek reserve and for some reason decided to climb up pool ridge (very steep) before getting some food and some sleep.

 so the gps for this trip was really messed up riding out there and coming back. at least it recorded the correct route on the map for the ride up, but for the ride back it didn't start until valley ford! what? anyway, riding up there was about 87 miles, and then we went on a 12 mile ride (armstrong and austin creek) when we got up there. russian river is an awesome place.

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